Terms & Conditions - Route 56


You can book 2 months ahead of your intended departure and until 30 mins before departure.

Children under the age of 7 travel for free, but it is necessary to book a seat for them.

You can pay with your credit/debit card. An additional fee might be added to the ticket price, depending on what type of payment is being used.

Meeting Time - Passengers on foot

You must show up at least 10 mins. before departure. If you arrive later than this, your seat will be given to an other passenger and you will not get a refund.

Meeting Time - Vehicles

The vehicle must be in queue at least 15 mins. before departure. You must book for all passengers in the car. Children under the age of 7 travel for free, but must be registered in the booking.

Members of crew have the full right to refuse to board vehicles, that do not show up in time.

The booking can only be used for the booked vehicle, which means that a different vehicle cannot use your booking.

Book With an Account

You can create a personal account in the booking system and book with it.

You can credit your account with DKK 80 - 20.000

Passengers receive a 15% discount when the journey is paid for with an account.

You can only travel with your account if you have booked in advance.

If a vehicle, booked with a personal account, does not show up in the queue on time, the space will be given do an other vehicle and you will not get a refund.

Book Without an Account

You need to pay with a credit card when you book. If you pay with Dankort it is free of charge but additional fees might be added if using other credit cards.

The receipt for your booking will be sent to you by e-mail. Please check your spam folder if you haven´t received a receipt.

Your booking is also visible on your SSL-account.


You cannot book with SSL-cards but you are welcome to turn up and purchase your ticket on board the ferry, if there are any seats available.


Booked tickets can be cancelled until 2 hours before departure. At the bottom of your receipt there is a link where you can cancel your booking. If the booking is cancelled 2 hours before departure you will be refunded. If the booking is cancelled less than 2 hours before departure you will not be refunded.

Changes On Your Booking

Booked places cannot be changed. You need to cancel your booking and then re-book.

Delays Or Cancellations

If a journey is cancelled or delayed all bookings will be cancelled and refunded. You will then need to make a new booking.

Please Note

It is your own responsibility to make sure that you have booked for the correct departure.

it is your own responsibility to make sure all facts in the booking are corregt, e.g. car height etc. If the vehicle is larger than informed in the booking, you will be directed to the queue for vehicles without booking and you will not get refunded.

If an ambulance, firetruck or other emergency vehicle needs a space on the ferry, the last boarded vehicle has to give up their space.

Locals of Kalsoy have the priority to 5 car slots and 30 passengers between Syðradalur and Klaksvík on every trip.