All cars without a driver on our ships must be sent as cargo and should be handed to one of our cargo stations where cargo papers will be written by our employee.

We only move the following cargo between these following places:

-Mixed cargo and fish cargo between our cargo centre in Tórshavn and our cargo centre on Tvøroyri.

-Mixed cargo between Klaksvík and the villages on Kalsoy, Svínoy og Fugloy.

-Mixed cargo (and partly fish cargo) between our cargo centre in Tórshavn and Hest, and the villages in Sandoy and Skúvoy.

Prices For Miscellaneous Cargo

All cargo (miscellaneous, envolopes, packages etc) which is transported with Strandfaraskip Landsins must be pre-paid.

Please go to the nearest cargo station or cargo office to handle your cargo.

In places where there is no cargo station or cargo office our ship crew will handle your cargo.

You can also dispose of your cargo where our cargo cars are  available. Please see an overview of their driving plan here

For transportation of livestock (sheep, cattle, goats & pigs) the following conditions apply:

1. Permit for transportation between islands, must be handed to SSL staff prior to transportation.
2. Payment for transportation is DKK 375 incl. vat, for the first animal, and an additional DKK 75 incl. vat. for each of the following animals.