Charter with dangerous goods

If you need to ship dangerous goods with us you can charter one of our ships.

Prices are as follows:

FerryKr. pr. hourKr. pr. hour standby
M/F Smyril20.000 kr.8.000 kr.
M/F Teistin5.000 kr.1.900 kr.
M/F Ternan8.000 kr.1.800 kr.
M/F Sam7.500 kr.3.000 kr.
M/S Ritan2.000 kr.900 kr.
M/S Sildberin1.200 kr.600 kr.
M/B Súlan1.000 kr.600 kr.

Please pay for at least 2 hours (for example 1 hour in sailing plus 1 hour in waiting time) + passenger/car tickets.
If you want to charter a ship outside of its normal route please contact our Intercommucation Deparment on tel. +298 343030 and get a price for the journey.
VAT will be added to the price for cargo journeys.