Rules and regulations for passengers

Going on a bus

If you wish to travel with a bus please make a sign to the bus driver and make yourself visible at an existing bus stop. All passengers should be ready to board the bus when it arrives and all passengers should have either travel cards or the correct change ready for the fare. Discounts are only given to passengers with applicable discount cards. 


Going on a ship

Passengers on foot should have boarded the ship before the ship is supposed to depart according to the valid timetable. Cars should be on harbor at least 15 minutes before departure.



Luggage on a bus: Passengers may take hand luggage on the bus (handbags, small rucksacks or bags). For safety reasons larger instruments and other large luggage must be put into the luggage compartment. If a passenger wants to take their instrument into the bus and the driver allows this a ticket must be paid for the instrument.

Luggage on a ferry: Passengers (without cars) can take luggage on board which weighs no more than 40 kg each. Heavier luggage must be transported as goods through the SL Cargo.

Luggage and overcoats are the passengers´ own responsibility.


Prams or Pushchairs

If there is room in the bus prams and pushchairs may be taken on the bus without charge. It is the passengers´own responsibility to make sure that prams and pushchairs make it onto and off the bus. Passengers should also make sure that the brakes are on and that prams and pushchairs do not disturb the other travelers. If there is no room on the bus prams or pushchairs should go into the trunk. Please note that not all buses have room for prams and pushchairs.



If there is room in the bus passengers may bring bicycles on the bus. This service is free since it differs when there is room on bus; e.g. if it's a small buss, you can not take the bicycle onboard. 


Eating and Drinking

Beverages or food may not be brought onto the bus.



Mobile phones

Passengers may use mobile phones on busses and ferries, if this does not disturb other travelers.



Smoking is not allowed on board the buses or ferries. There are however certain areas on the ferry decks where smoking is allowed.




Pets, excluding guide dogs, are not allowed inside the bus. If travel with small pets is necessary these pets must be in cages and these cages will be put in the luggage compartment of the bus. In the smaller busses without luggage compartments you cannot travel with your pets.

On the ferry: Passengers are allowed to bring small pets on board the ferry if the pet is in a disclosed cage. Please note that pets may only be brought to certain areas of the ferry.

Passengers who travel with pets who are not disclosed in cages, baskets, boxes or purses should contact the crew. The crew will then assign the pet to a certain area of the ferry.

Guide dogs are excluded from the above mentioned rules.



Lost or forgotten belongings and luggage

If a traveler has forgotten belongings and/or luggage on the bus or the ferry the traveler can call 00 298 343030. The traveler might get information about the lost belongings or luggage or a phone number to call concerning the lost belongings or luggage. Lost belongings will only be stored for 1 calendar month. SL does not take responsibility for any lost or forgotten luggage and belongings.


Compensation on Ferries

Travelers and luggage, including vehicles, are transported with SL´s ships according to the sea law on responsibility and compensation.

When a traveler drives on board and off the ferry the driver has to follow orders from the crew. It is the driver´s responsibility to alert the crew if the vehicle is too wide to go on a ramp, or if there are other special issues when on- and offloading the vehicle (aerials, mirrors, luggage boxes etc).

If passengers´ vehicles or other belongings are damaged onboard SL ferries passengers must immediately report the damage to the crew. After this passengers must report the damage in a written report to SL´s ship inspector within 4 working days.

Strandfaraskip Landsins do not compensate damage on:

-Passengers´ luggage

-Passengers´ clothes

-Vehicles which are damaged by another passengers vehicle, or if SL thinks that the driver is to blame for the damage

-Vehicles which are damaged before on loading or after off loading

Strandfaraskip Landsins do compensate when:

-Damage is caused by recklessness of the crew

-Bad weather conditions


Compensation on buses

Strandfaraskip Landsins do not compensate damage that happens on buses to passengers and goods. 

Lost travel cards

Contents on personal cards can be moved over to new cards. This is also possible for unpersonal cards if the customers remembers his card number. All new cards cost DKK 50,-, All cards that are misused will be discontinued.