Brynleif Poulsen New Finance Manager


49-year-old Brynleif Poulsen has been appointed as finance manager. He will start employment on May 1st. For the last 13 years, Brynleif has worked as account manager for Gjaldstovan, and before that, he was an auditor for Landsgrannskoðanin for 7 years.

Brynleif is qualified cand. merc. aud. and thus has decisive qualifications as well as important and vast experience in finance and accounting in the public sector. In his jobs at Gjaldstovan and Landsgrannskoðanin he has cooperated with directorates, councils and public bodies and hereby acquired a comprehensive knowledge of relevant set of rules and IT systems. Furthermore, Brynleif has important knowledge of Búskaparskipan landins, and has knowledge of this expertise area within the public sector.

His experiences include amongst others assignments in accounting- and project management, start-up of Búskaparskipan landsins and adjustments of this system, consultancy in accounting and grants as well as teaching others in IT systems and set of rules within grants and accounts.

“I look forward to start working with Brynleif in an exciting period of growth with many changes going on within our corporation. Changes not least brought on during these Corona times that have brought on extra challenges ahead”, says Hilmar Eliasen, CEO of Strandfaraskip Landsins.