Cancellations Can Occur


Due to limitations in landing quays in connection with local weather there can be challenges on especially three of our routes.

There is a danger in touching the lakebeds because permanent dangers are when entering the harbour in Nólsoy, rocks are in the channel when entering Skopun due to heavy surf, and in Svínoy there are large rocks in the harbour. We expect few yearly cancellations that are usually connected with local weather.

We have contacted related authorities and harbour authorities concerning these landing quays when we have noticed them during our daily jobs. Tórshavnar council is working on a solution for the harbour conditions in Nólsoy, Landsverk are planning on cleaning out the channel in Skopun and the council in Klaksvík inspects the harbour in Svínoy.

Our captains must risk asses impartially where a ship can sail to and from a harbour. Risk assessments are done by using Landsverk´s anemometer, sea current measurements and other meterological information that is available.