Cancellations On All Bus Routes and On Some Ferry Routes


A lot of wind, icy and snowy conditions characterize the weather today and driving conditions around the islands are poor. Most bus routes started cancelling journeys this morning and after midday our bus services stopped entirely when busses in Sandoy and Suðuroy drove their last journeys of the day.

We have also had cancellations on our ferry routes. Ritan sailed to Svínoy this morning and again this afternoon but there has been no sailing to Fugloy today. Ternan sailed the last journey from Tórshavn at 12:30, and at 16:30 and 17:20 Teistin will sail the last journey from Skopun and Gomlurætt. There will be no further journeys on the route to Sandoy and Hest today.

Smyril departed from Tórshavn at 13:30 and is scheduled to sail from Krambatanga at 17:30 and south again at 21:15 but it is still uncertain if these journeys will be sailed. Sam will depart from Klaksvík at 15:30 and from Syðradali at 15:50. More information about the route to Kalsoy later today.

We expect that travel will resume normal services tomorrow morning.