Car Bookings Possible from Skopun at the Beginning of March


Since October 2017 it has been possible to book a journey for your car on board Teistin from Gomlurætt to Skopun. From March 4th it will also be possible to book a journey from Skopun.

The booking system where you can book journeys for your car on board Teistin from Gomlurætt has been so successfull that it will now be possible to book journeys for all of Teistin´s journeys. From March the 4th it will be possible to book your journey from Skopun to Gomlurætt.

If you want to book from Skopun you need a profile and a deposit will be paid when you book. The deposit is half of the complete price and will be returned to your profile when you drive on board. If you do not turn up for your booked journey your deposit will not be refunded.

However, it is still possible to drive on board without having booked if there is space on the car deck.   

Terms, conditions and guidance can be found under the margin Booking on our web-page.

You can book a space for your car here