Changes In The Traffic In Tórshavn On The 4th Of June


The council of Tórshavn will arrange a marathon on the 4th of June and the traffic to and from our harbor terminal will be altered.

This means that route 100/300 and route 400 will drive on Oyggjarveg and on Norðara ringveg to and from the harbor terminal from 16:00 to 20:00. The busses will stop and turn next to Auto Service in the city center.

After 16:00 route 101 drives from Gomlurætt to Marknagilsveg down Dalaveg and out on to J. Patursson gøta.

And to Gomlurætt route 101 will drive on J. Paturssonar gøtu and on Landaveg to Gomlurætt.

This might also also affect the traffic to and from Smyril and Ternuni and we therefore wish that all drivers with cars for these ferries arrives promptly.

A map of the traffic changes can be seen here