Changes on Route 60 to Sandoy on Thursday the 21st of December


On the 21st of December 2023, the sub-sea tunnel to Sandoy will open. Since the opening ceremony will take place in Sandoy at 13.30, Teistin will sail its last trips to Sandoy until mid-day.

As we expect many passengers on this day, some alterations have been made in the regular timetable and special trips have been added as well.

This is the timetable for 21/12-2023:


Skopun           06:45 - Regular trip

Gamlarætt      07:25 - Regular trip

Skopun           08:10 - Regular trip

Gamlarætt      09:45 - Regular trip

Skopun           10:30 - Regular trip

Gamlarætt      11:00 - Special trip (Changed from 11:15)

Skopun           12:00 - Regular trip (Changed from 12:30)

Gamlarætt       12:45 - Special trip (Changed from 13:15)

Since the trips at 11:00 and 12:45 are special trips, all passengers are required to pre-book a spot on board.

You can book a spot here:

Then choose "book only passengers"

Please note:

1. The price for a single trip from Gamlarætt to Skopun on the special trips is 40DKK for passengers and 80DKK for vehicles.

2. You cannot purchase your ticket with your discount card, monthly card or student card, and you cannot use any of these cards on board for these trips.

3. Only passengers, who have pre-booked tickets, are allowed on board.

4. Remember to keep your ticket with the QR code at hand when boarding the ferry.

5. Passengers with no ticket are not allowed on board.

If there are no available seats to book for these special trips, we reccommend you take one of the previous trips. For these trips you are not required to pre-book a seat, if travelling without a vehicle.