Corona Virus Measures


According to recommendations from the national health services concerning the Corona virus the following measures will be put into action from Friday March 13th 2020:


Head Office

  • The doors will be locked, but you can call 00 298 343000 on weekdays from 08-16
  • All necessary errands are by prior agreement only.
  • The administration will work from home but will answer telephones and e-mails

Travel Terminal and Cargo Stations

  • The reception in the travel terminal in Tórshavn will be temporarily closed. This means that there will be no staffed sales and guidance available. You can however call 00 298 343000 or use
  • Cargo will only be carried out via invoicing and there will be no service of smaller packages.

Sale On Board Busses and Ships

  • There will be no sale of food and drinks on board Smyril and Teistin from Thursday evening March 12th
  • Coffee vending machines will be out of service on board all ships
  • Room bookings will not be available on board Smyril

Bus Routes

  • Route 300 will not drive via the airport from March 12th


Cash Sale and Payment Cards 

  • We call upon all our passengers not to use cash but instead pay with payment cards.
  • In the buses where we only accept cash we call upon passengers to remember good hand hygiene



  • Highest capacity on board Smyril, Teistin and Sam will be 100 passengers per journey. We call upon passengers to keep appropriate distance between them and think about the risk of contamination.
  • We call upon passengers not to roam around the ship and please mind all signs on board.

These measures will be valid until March 30th.