Erla Kongsdóttir will operate Route 56 to Kalsoy


Monday 28th June Sam will be in dock. If everything goes according to plan, Sam will be back on Route 56 in week 28.

  • While Sam is in dock, HSC Erla Kongsdóttir will operate on Route 56.
  • Erla Kongsdóttir will be sailing according to the current timetable.
  • However, it is possible to insert extra trips if necessary, and should this be done in accordance with the crew onboard Erla Kongsdóttir.

Important notice:

  • HSC Erla Kongsdóttir does not take vehicles onboard.
  • Travelers are referred to bus Route 506. Extra buses will be inserted if necessary.

Cargo trips with Ternan:

  • Tuesday and Thursday:
    • From Klaksvík at 11:00
    • From Syðradalur at 13:00
  • Please refer to +298 293104 for cargo reservations.
  • Other vehicles are referred to the car lanes in Syðradalur and in Klaksvík. However, space for vehicles is limited.
  • If necessary, Ternan will make extra cargo trips between these two times, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Trips by request:

  • T) Requests must be made before 19:00 on the same day.
  • Please refer to HSC Erla Kongsdóttir by phone at +298 293150 for requests. See timetable to get an overview of the request trips.