Fewer Passengers Allowed On Board Our Ships


We are following the national health guidelines in connection with the Covid-19 decease and are decreasing the number of passengers allowed on board to these following maximums:

  • Route 7, Smyril: 100 passengers on the saloon deck, and 25 passengers in their cars on the car deck (passengers are only allowed on the car deck in specific situtations if we need to protect crew or passengers against contamination)
  • Route 60, Teistin: 80 passengers
  • Route 90, Ternan: 50 passengers
  • Route 56, Sam: 45 passengers
  • Route 58, Ritan: 35 passengers
  • Route 66, Sildberin: 10 passengers
  • Route 61, Spógvin:  4 passengers

We advise all passengers to limit their usage of public transport and only use public transport when absolutely necessary.