Hasfjord Sails with Cargo from May 12th


On Tuesday May 12th, Hasfjord will sail with cargo according to this timetable. This is a temporary sailing plan for the next three 3 months and possible changes might occur after this period.

You can book your journey here. Vehicles for Hasfjord should park in the queue for large vehicles on Gomlurætt and in queue 3 in Skopun.

Tuesdays to Fridays, all vehicles longer than 5 metres must book their journeys from Skopun at 08:30 and not from Skopun at 08:10 so that the commuters can make the most of Teistin´s car deck.

Only vehicles longer than 5 metres can book with Hasfjord but if there is space available on the car deck cars from queue 2 can drive on board. Maximum passenger capacity is 12 passengers.