MONDAY 24/7: Changes and cancellations on route 60 (Sandoy) and 61 (Hestur)


Due to technical work, there are changes and cancellations on route 60 (Sandoy) and 61 (Hestur), Monday 24 July 2023

ROUTE 60 - Gamlarætt - Skopun

Latest departure with M/F Teistin will we from Skopun at 18:45 and from Gamalarætt 19:15 (Original departure at 20:00).
Later departures have been cancelled.

HSC Erla Kongsdóttrir sails extra trip (only with passengers and not vehicles):

from Gamlarætt at 22:00
from Skopun at 22:30

ROUTE 61 - Gamlarætt - Hestur

Departure from Hestur at 7:30 and from Gamlarætt at 7:45 is cancelled.

On departures with MSC Erla Kongsdóttir from Gamlarætt at 22:00 and from Skopun at 22:30 there is seat reservation for passengers (not vehicles) to/from Hestur. Please call +298293150 latest 1 hour before departure.