New Timetables for Teistan and Sildberan


From the 1st of November there will be new timetables to Hest, Sandoy and Skúvoy. They can be seen here:

Route 60, Route 61 and Route 66.

A vast amount of work has been done to make the new timetables possible. For example a hearing letter was sent out publicly and Strandferðslan has tried to meet as many of the incoming requests and interests as possible.

The route to Skúvoy and the buss routes 101, 600 and 601 have also been adjusted so that there are daily return connections between Skúvoy and Tórshavn. The timetables for the bus routes will be published next week.

With these new timetables passengers in Hestoy have gotten their own separate route, now longer called route 60 but route 61. Furthermore people in Sandoy have gotten their own separate route which still has 122 weekly journeys.

With these timetables Teistin sails 17 hours a day which is the maximum sailing time if Strandferðslan applies to all current rules and regulations.