Sam´s Docking Time Has Been Prolonged


As previously announced Sam was intended to be dry-docked until approximately November 16th after which he was to return in route to Kalsoy. However, additional spare parts for the main engines now need to be specially produced and are currently being produced. If the production time goes according to schedule Sam will sail off the dry-dock on Friday November 23rd and will start sailing on the route to Kalsoy the following Saturday.

The Route To Kalsoy And Bus Route 506
This means that Jósup will sail on the route to Kalsoy until Sam returns, and Ternan will sail cargo journeys to Kalsoy on Friday November 16th, on Monday November 19th and on Friday November 23rd. These days Ternan will sail from Klaksvík at 11:00 and from Syðradali at 13:00. The bus route in Kalsoy drives to and from all of Jósup’s arrivals and departures.

Route to Nólsoy
Whilst Ternan sails cargo journeys Jósup will sail on the route to Nólsoy.
On Monday November 19th Jósup sails from Tórshavn at 12:30 and from Nólsoy at 13:00.
On Friday November 16th and November 23rd, the journey from Tórshavn at 09:30 and from Nólsoy at 10:30 will not be sailed. Jósup will sail the journeys from Tórshavn at 12.30 and from Nólsoy at 13:00 on these Fridays.