Sam Will Be Docked On October 29th


Sam will be docked from October until approximately November 16th. During this period Jósup will sail on the route to Kalsoy and Ternan will sail cargo journeys.

Timetable for the routes to Kalsoy and Nólsoy from October 29th until November 16th

The Route to Kalsoy

“Jósup“ sails according to the timetable on route 56: Klaksvík - Syðradalur

Cargo Journeys

M/F Ternan sails cargo journeys from Klaksvík at 11:00 and from Syðradali at 13:00  Mondays and Fridays.

Cargo journeys will be sailed on these days: 

Mondays: 29/10, 5/11, 12/11.

Fridays: 2/11, 9/11 and possibly 16/11.

Changed timetable on route  506

Whilst Jósup sails to Kalsoy the busroute will drive to and from all of Jósup´s journeys. The timetable can be found here.

The route to Nólsoy

Whilst M/F Ternan sails cargo journeys to Kalsoy Jósup sails to Nólsoy.

Mondays 29/10, 5/11 and 12/11 “Jósup” sails from Tórshavn at 12:30 and from Nólsoy at 13:00. The journeys from Tórshavn at 09:30 and from Nólsoy at 10:30 will not be sailed Fridays  2/11, 9/11 and possibly 16/11.