Security announcement! Transportation of car fuel on MF Smyril, route 7


Due to continuous attempts to transport car fuel in illegal containers on the voyage from Tvøroyri to Tórshavn onboard MF Smyril, the ferry company Strandfaraskip Landsins urgently puts forward this special security announcement!

Due to the risk of fire – and safety of the ship - passengers are strongly requested not to transport any flammable liquid in illegal containers. Flammable liquid, diesel or gasoline can only be transported in approved containers, 5L or less.

Any such attempt will be considered as a deliberate attempt to compromise safety onboard the ship and will be reported to the police. Any vehicle carrying illegal flammable cargo will be quarantined as well.

As long as the general strike continues, vehicles longer than 7 meters must have a special travelling permit for Smyril from the leadership of the striking parties.