SSL Almost In Regular Operation


The authorities have announced that the Faroes will start opening up more from June 15th. In connection with this SSL have decided that our bus routes will drive according to normal schedules on all bus routes. Tickets can be purchased with cash or SSL cards on all busses. For safety reasons all passengers on route 300 are recommended to travel with safety masks from the airport and further on with our routes.

On our ferry routes the quarantine system will be limited to passengers travelling from other countries than the Faroes, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Germany. These passengers must contact the crew before boarding the ferries so that they can be seperated from the other passengers that are not included in the new guidelines for travellers to the Faroes.

We request that all passengers keep a 1 metre distance between them and keep a high level of cleanliness. We recommend that all passengers travelling on route 300 and further on to other of our bus and ferry routes to wear safety masks.