Teistin Cancels Two Double Journeys Whilst Tanks Are Cleaned


Today Teistin will cancel two double journeys. The journey from Gomlurætt at 19:15 and from Skopun at 20.15 and from Gomlurætt at 21:00 and from Skopun at 22:30.

Teistin will sail the journey from Skopun at 18:00 and will then sail from Skopun at 22:45 and from Gomlurætt at 23:15.

The journeys are canceled because the water tanks will be cleaned in Tórshavn and new water will be taken aboard. Normally water is taken aboard in the harbor of Skopun and this was done on Friday. But tests from Heilsufrøðilgu Starvsstovuni showed on Saturday that E-coli bacteria was in the water. Straight away Strandferðslan made sure that no tap water was drunk on board. Now we have to clean the tanks and get new water onboard and we will therefore cancel two double journeys.