Ternan Will Not Sail The Route To Kalsoy


Now that Sam will be docked in the month of March opinions have been voiced that Ternan, the ship on the route to Nólsoy, should substitute on the route to Kalsoy during all these six weeks.

Ternan will not sail on the route to Kalsoy because ships who sail a fixed route will remain on this route if other ships are docked. Comparatively when the dockings are on the route to Nólsoy, Fugloy and Skúvoy there is usually a leased boat that sails these routes.

Statistics show that during the months of March and April in 2015 there were 11 thousand passengers to Nólsoy and 6 and half thousand to Kalsoy. There were 600 vehicles to Nólsoy and 700 to Kalsoy.

Whilst Sam is docked we have extra busses in Kalsoy so there is a connection between all the villages upon departures and arrivals in Syðradalur.

The only exemption from this common practice that we do not take ships out of their usual routes when dockings are in our fleet is in Suðuroy and on Sandoy when Teistin is docked.

We need to use Ternan in Sandoy because she is the easiest to handle in the harbour of Skopun. There are also twice as many passengers on the route in Sandoy when compared to the route in Nólsoy, and there are six times as many inhabitants in Sandoy than in Nólsoy.

The statists of passengers and cars can be found here: http://www.ssl.fo/en/the-company/statistics/ on our web-site.