Updated Booking System on The Route To Skopun


Since the end of October last year car bookings have been available from Gomlurætt. The booking system has been a success, and many have used the opportunity to book a place for their car. However, we have found that certain adjustments are required.

The biggest adjustment is that you can now create an account in the booking system and from here top up your account and pay the journeys with this account. Hereby you can no longer book with an SL discount card, and you do not need to register your SL card with the crew before boarding. If you pay with your account cars will receive the same 15% discount as the SSL discount card.  You can top up your account with DKK 500 to DKK 20.000.

If you have your own account you can purchase a monthly car for your vechicle. The price is DKK  1690 and you have 30 days on the card that will start counting down once you start booking with your monthly card. If you book with your monthly card and do not show up an extra day will be cut off from your card. 

Another adjustment is that booking for passengers in the cars are now also available. If you have booked for additional passengers in the car they can drive on board in the car and will also receive a 15% discount if you pay with your account. 

You can also book if you do not have an account and you will then pay with your credit card.

You can also make multiple bookings at the same time, and on the account you can see an outline of all your bookings.

You can still use SSL discount cards from queue 2 and on all our other routes. If you wish to transport the value on your account to your account you can do so at our main harbour terminal in Tórshavn. All monthly cards on route 60 can also be refunded at our harbour terminal in Tórshavn.