Price Overview for ferries and busses.

If you plan on using several of our bus and ferry lines, we recommend you purchase a travel card if you are planning on using several of our services. You can read more about travel cards here.

Please note that the price for travel cards is a fixed price. You do not get any additional discount of our travel cards, e.g. student or pensioner discount.

Ticket discount

Discount of single fare tickets is only given to passengers with valid proofs.

Children, 7-15 years old and pensioners pay half price.

Students with valid proof get at discount of 20% on single tickets.

Only vehicles below 5 metres qualify for discounts such as a monthly card, value card etc. Larger vehicles are always charged full price.

Discount Cards For Persons With Handicaps

Discount cards for persons travelling with handicaps are available from This card allows free travel for one person travelling with persons with an handicap.

Bus and Ferry tickets

You can purchase tickets on all busses and ferries. On Farstøðin in our central station in Tórshavn you can buy tickets before departure in office hours. We accept credit cards on all busses and ferries.

If you are traveling to Kalsoy or Mykines by ferry you need to pre-book tickets online. You can book tickets here:

Bus Packages

Small bus packages can be transported on our bus routes for a ticket fee. Packages should be handed in and collected at busstops or certain service stations. More info about where on tel. +298 343000.

Prices for a bus package is: Up to 1 kg DKK 50

1-20 kg DKK 100

One person should be able to carry the package, and they can be maximum 50 cm in length, width and height, and must not weigh more than 20 kg.

Strandfarskip Landsins do not claim responsibility for damages on packages, or if the packages are lost.

Please call route information on tel. +298 343000 for more information.


If the busses or ships are at full capacity Strandfaraskip Landsins will not make other travel arrangements. Passangers must then take the next planned ship/bus in the timetable. Strandfaraskip landsins are not held responsible if our routes are late or cancelled due to weather, delays, strikes, lack of communication and/or information.

Strandfaraskip landsins do not refund tickets due to the above mentioned situations.

Strandfaraskip landsins only refund ticktes if the passenger has a valid receipt.

Claims On Our Ferries

Passengers and luggage, including vehicles, are transported with the ships according to the regulations in the sea law concerning responsibility and compensation.

When boarding on and off-loading your vehicle the driver must follow the crew´s directions. The driver must alert the crew if the car is too wide to go up on the ramp or if other circumstances are applicable.

If damage is made on the passenger’s vehicle or other belongings when travelling with our ferries passengers must alert the crew at once.

All prices are in Danish Krone (DKK)