Traveling in large groups

Group Bookings On Board the Ships

All groups of 10 or more people travelling together on any of our ship routes need to make a booking by e-mail to You can only book return journeys on our ships.

Group Bookings On Board the Busses

All groups of 10 or more people travelling together or if your group fills up 25% capacity on our busses need to make a booking by e-mail to Only nine seats can be booked on busses with a capacity of 30-40 passengers. Only five seats can be booked on our smaller busses with the capacity of 19-24 passengers. If you want to make a booking for larger groups with our busses please contact one of our independent bus companies or a general travel company.

Procedure for Group Bookings

1) All bookings must be e-mailed to

2) All bookings must be made at least two week days before the travel date

3) Please leave a contact person and phone number when you book

4) SSL will look into if your booking request is possible

5) If there is space for your group SSL will send a confirmation of your booking via e-mail

6) If there is a capacity problem with your requested journey SSL will either decline your booking request or suggest an alternate travel times

7) SSL does not need to increase the bus/ship capacity for group bookings but groups can be charged extra for special journeys if the group doesn´t use the earmarked capacity

8) The booking must be confirmed by SSL to be valid in the bus or on the ship

9) When the group arrives on board the bus/ship the SSL confirmation must be shown as proof of the booking. The ticketer can refuse entry for the group without a booking confirmation if there are capacity problems.

Please Note!

You must book when you wish to travel to Mykines. More info on And you can book your journeys on route 60.