601 Dalur - Húsavík - Skálavík - Sandur

Please notice: Let the bus driver know if you need a connection to Skúvoy or you need to make the bus from Sandur in connection with Sildberin´s arrivals.

(TOnly in route by request by phone +298 225900 before 19 o'clock the day before departure.

* Connection to and from Tórshavn/Route 650

= All weekdays from Monday to Friday
6 = Saturday
7 = Sunday

601: dalur - húsavík - skálavík - sandur
x6:10 (T)6:20 (T)6:30 (T)6:45*
x7:15 (T)7:30
x678:55 (T)9:05 (T)9:15 (T)9:30*
x12:40 (T)12:55 (T)13:05 (T)13:20
x15:25 (T)15:35 (T)15:45 (T)16:20*
x6716:55 (T)17:05 (T)17:15 (T)17:30*

601: sandur - skálavík - húsavík - dalur
x*8:2008:35 (T)8:45 (T)8:55 (T)
x67*9:5010:05 (T)10:15 (T)10:25 (T)
x13:3513:50 (T)14:00 (T)14:10 (T)
x67*16:2016:35 (T)16:45 (T)16:55 (T)
x67*17:5018:05 (T)18:15 (T)18:25 (T)
x*19:2019:35 (T)19:45 (T)19:55 (T)
New Years DayLike Sundays
Maundy ThursdayLike Sundays
Good FridayNo route
Easter DayNo route
2nd Easter DayLike Sundays
Great Prayer DayLike Sundays
Christ´s Ascenion DayLike Sundays
Whit DayLike Sundays
2nd Whit DayLike Sundays
St. Olai EveLike Saturdays
St. Olai DayLike Sundays
Christmas EveLast departure from Dalur at 12:40
Christmas DayNo route
Boxing DayLike Sundays
New Years EveLast departure from Dalur at 12:40