61 Gamlarætt - Hestur

Ferry: M/F Ternan

Sailing time: 20 min

All departures must be requested: 
Request to Teistan at latest 1,5 hour before departure from Gomlurætt on tel.+ 29 31 04. The departure from Gamlarætt at 6:50 and at 9:00 must be booked latest before 20:00 the evening before.

  • Vehicles for Teistin should be in the queue at least 15 minutes before departure.
  • Vehicles with handicapped passengers that need the lift must call +298 293104 prior to travelling.
  • Please note that it is not possible to pre-book for this route in our booking system yet. The first passengers to arrive get a seat on board.

Departure and arrival times may vary due to adverse weather conditions.

ROUTE 61: Hestur - GamlaRætt - VALID FROM 10/04 2024
Gamlarætt - Hestur06:50 (T)06:50 (T)06:50 (T)06:50 (T)06:50 (T)
Hestur - Gamlarætt07:10 (T)07:10 (T)07:10 (T)07:10 (T)07:10 (T)
Gamlarætt - Hestur09:00 (T)09:00 (T)09:00 (T)09:00 (T)09:00 (T)08:30 (T)08:30 (T)
Hestur - Gamlarætt09:20 (T)09:20 (T)09:20 (T)09:20 (T)09:20 (T)08:50 (T)08:50 (T)
Gamlarætt - Hestur14:30 (T)14:30 (T)14:30 (T)14:30 (T)14:30 (T)14:30 (T)14:30 (T)
Hestur - Gamlarætt14:50 (T)14:50 (T)14:50 (T)14:50 (T)14:50 (T)14:50 (T)14:50 (T)
Gamlarætt - Hestur17:00 (T)17:00 (T)17:00 (T)17:00 (T)17:00 (T)
Hestur - Gamlarætt17:20 (T)17:20 (T)17:20 (T)17:20 (T)17:20 (T)
Gamlarætt - Hestur19:00 (T)19:00 (T)19:00 (T)19:00 (T)19:00 (T)19:00 (T)19:00 (T)
Hestur - Gamlarætt19:20 (T)19:20 (T)19:20 (T)19:20 (T)19:20 (T)19:20 (T)19:20 (T)

Day: Changes:
Maundy ThursdayLike Sundays
Good FridayLike Sundays
Easter DayLike Sundays
2nd Easter DayLike Sundays
General Prayer DayLike Sundays
Christ´s Ascension DayLike Sundays
Whit DayLike Sundays
2nd Whit DayLike Sundays
St Olaf´s EveLike Sundays
St Olaf´s DayLike Sundays
Christmas EveLast departure from Gamlarætt at 14:30 and from Hestur at 14:50. Only by request.
Christmas DayDeparture from Skopun via Hest at 10:30 and at 20:00 and from Gl. Rætt via Hest 11:30 and at 21:00
Boxing DayLike Sundays
New Year´s EveLast departure from Gamlarætt at 14:30 and from Hestur at 14:50
New Year´s DayLike Sundays